Jun / 2020
Interview to Belén Vázquez

Interview to Belén Vázquez

Belén Vázquez, founder of @mipequenatribu and contributor editor at @telva and @charhadas, exemplary hard working mum, tell us a little bit more about her.

How did ‘’La Pequeña Tribu’’ start?

About 8 years and after my eldest daughters were born, Olga Ruiz, CEO of Telva magazine where I worked as editor, proposed me to launch a blog about children inspired by my family and to write about my concerns as a mother, share my deco and children’s fashion findings and show our day-to-day through photos. Almost at the same time, the instagram profile appeared. A few months later they decided to close the blog on the TELVA website but I kept my profile on Instagram.

What did you want to be when you grow up? Did you ever imagine your profession?

As a child I wrote many stories and comics that were passed on to my cousins and me. Besides, diaries and even poetry. Perhaps that was where my vocation as a journalist began, although the idea of being a veterinarian, teacher and even decorator was also in my head. I suppose, like every girl at that age. But I never imagined ending up in a magazine like TELVA that has allowed me to live unforgettable moments and meet fascinating people and places. Nowadays, I work as Comunity Manager at Charadas agency. I am not a technology person, so I I would never have imagined to dedicate myself to that.

Your posts show that you are an exemplary and hard working mother. How do you organize your day-to-day life?

Uuffff with a lot of patience (which I don't have hahahaha), help from my family and discipline. When children go to school everything is more bearable. All four are of school age and spend the day at school. My work has a flexible and conciliatory schedule so it is easier for me to organize. After school and when they get home, everything goes on: they do homework, play, take a bath and go to bed. It seems so easy, but it’s exhausting, and somedays I end up crushed. On weekends, we usually go to my parents' house in the country and there I relax, the hours are different and they entertain themselves. This whole confinement thing has been a test for everyone... At first it was chaos... teleworking, homework, housework... but once it was organized, things got better. They have gained in autonomy and I have learned to count up to 10, 20, 30 hahahaha... That does not mean that the road has been straightforward.... We tend to tell only the beauty of our day to day and the reality, at least in my case, is that throughout the day I lose much patience, scold and get very angry.

Could you tell us an unforgettable family trip?

Up until now, we have not managed to make a trip all six together. But I remember with great affection the trip we made to Germany my husband and I newlyweds to look for our dog Paco, a beautiful and very good Bavarian hound who was the first to come to our family. I also keep special memories of our trip to Eurodisney with our three girls. Their faces of enthusiasm, their nerves and how much fun it was, I don’t change it for anything in the world. Also, trips to Portugal with my parents, brothers and nephews, where we go whenever we can...Comporta, Lisbon, Algarve... What great memories! And now we have in mind Africa. We are all passionate about nature and after knowing several African countries, my husband and I are looking forward to taking the children to meet them. But we want to wait a while until they are a little older to be able to value and enjoy it. The truth? I’d be traveling nonstop, it’s one of my great hobbies.

Which style of clothes defines you better?

I am classic and I consider myself timeless, I do not move by tendencies! I like the less is more, to invest in good pieces and especially the comfort of the clothes I wear. You will see me rarely raised to a heel, I am a fan of shoes: Vans, Converse, Veja, Adidas, New Balance ... I like wide trousers, shirts with necks and sleeves with volume, jeans of all kinds, country style jerseys, blazers and skirts and midi dresses.

Slow fashion, sustainability or technology are concepts that are changing the perspective of fashion. How do you think kids fashion will evolve in the next few years?

I hope that low cost fashion does not end with artisanal production. In Spain, there is a lot of talent and we must not fail to give a place to those small brands with a unique creativity that devise wonderful designs. I hope people are increasingly aware that small business is very important in our country as well as sustainability in the pieces you buy.

What do you like the most about Mipounet?

Its fabrics, its patterns, its brand image and how special are each of its designs that blend the best of the classic and contemporary style.